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Welcome to Emily Carter's Music Studio and thanks for visiting. Bellow are the Policies and Information about the 2022-2023 year. 

The 2022-2023 Registration will open June 1st 2022 for returning students and June 10 for new students. There will be a $30 registration fee that will hold your preferred piano lesson time slot. The registration form will have ask for 3 times that work for you and if you are fairly flexible if there are any times that don’t work well.  Next year my teaching times are: 

Tuesday 3:00pm-8:00pm

Wednesday 3:30-8:00pm

Thursday 3:30- 8:00pm 

Policies 2022-2023 

45 min Buddy/Lab lessons : My preferred lesson set up is 30 minutes one on one and 15 minutes of either what I call “buddy” time - where 2 students overlap lessons and play a game, perform, or learn a duet together. Occasionally students will use this 15 min for “lab” time which consists of doing an individual activity on the iPad - learning or playing a music game or doing a worksheet. Advanced students may require a longer 1-1 lesson. 

Parents: parents are welcome to attend lessons. If your child is 5-7 years old it is preferred that the parent sits in on lessons. If siblings must come that’s ok if they sit quietly. The success of your child in piano lessons has a lot to do with parents! Your role to encourage and help guide students practicing at home is key. Younger students will require more help practicing at home, but if you put the time in to practice with them you’ll see greater benefits! Developing a good practice routine depends on you. I am more than willing to offer some tips!

  1. Daily practice is better than one long practice session right before piano lessons. 

  2. The same time each day ie. before they leave for school in the morning, or while you're cooking dinner (if you can hear them). 

  3. Practice incentives are a great tool when first beginning: stickers or earning a small prize might help younger students learn the benefits of consistent practice. 

  4. ….more practice tips to come. 

Books: Music Books, method books, and sheet music are an added cost. I will purchase books and will be reimbursed. Usually books and materials come to about $50 for the year. 

Sick Days and Missed Lessons: There will be no in person make up lessons. If you are sick, but still able to do a lesson we can do it ONLINE during the time of your normal lesson. If you have a time conflict at the time of your regular lesson (school event, vacation, or other) you may send in a video recording of that week’s assignments and I will send back a video and notes on what to practice. 

If I am sick but able to teach we will do an online lesson. If I’m unable to teach , I will refund the cost of that lesson. 

Tuition and Dates: 

Fall Semester:  Sept 10 - Dec 15        15 weeks.         $525

Winter Semester :     January 3 - March 16         11 weeks     $385   

Spring Semester :    April 2 - June 16        10 weeks     $350 

                        Total:   36 weeks     $1260 

Tuition payments can be made by e-transfer or cheque to, 6048172943 **I require payment for the entire semester by the first lesson date of that semester**


Fall Break:         November 8-10

Christmas Break      December 19-30

Spring Break         March 20-31 

Ending lessons : If for some reason you choose to end lessons mid semester and I require a 30 day written notice for a refund. 

Piano Parties & Recitals

RECITAL : June 10th 2023 (not confirmed yet) 

Piano parties are group classes where students will meet and perform for each other, play games, improvise, and work on theory concepts as a group. They are tons of fun and are vital for their growth in playing music together. 

Fall semester:     Sept 10th          Welcome Back!

October 29th         Costume Party!

December 10th     Christmas Party!

Winter Semester: TBA

Spring semester: TBA 


2022-2023 Registration: Terms of Use
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